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Community Projects

Ubuntu is about getting together and making a difference in our own communities.

Here is a list of community projects in the various regions.  You may want to get involved by volunteering, offering information or by donating to the cause.  I encourage you to send me information and photographs of initiatives in your area.


1. Setup of the Ubuntu Community Centre in Waterval Boven.

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  1. The concept of Ubuntu is growing worldwide, indeed I have been a backyard permaculturist for over a decade, however as a South African, the biggest problem we have, is that of learned helplessness. A large portion of the population is depending on the Government for Food and housing,when in reality we are able to feed ourselves many times over, DESPITE the greed and control of the hierarchy.

    Everyday we throw away our future food security that we could share at NO COST with our poorer fellow South Africans. How? If every Mango pip, apricot pip, turning piece of citrus fruit or tomato was cleaned (It would take about two minutes), dried and shared to plant within five years, no one in the country would be hungry, and the cost of shop bought food would plummet.

    Every time I pass a RDP housing project, it strikes me how not a single house has a tree around it - anywhere.

    My daughter goes to a school with 35 classes with an average of 31 children per class. If every class formed 10 Ubuntu groups to each grow 1 Avocado tree from a pip, I plum tree, 1 apricot tree and a citrus tree from seeds (Yes it can be done quite easily) There would be 350 of each of these trees EVERY year to contribute to food security of our poor. Imagine multiplying that concept by every High school in the country!

    When we teach the children in very poor schools to do the same, we will have produced a generation capable of feeding themselves, regardless of the twisted way in which money and the manipulated education system works to keep them poor.

    Now it only takes a month to teach this based on half an hour a week. Imagine how for half an hour a week, we could share the concept of shelter (teaching selfbuilding of sustainable safe warm, eco friendly homes, sustainable food growth, and basic self provision skills)

    The issues we have surrounding toilets and sanitation can VERY easily be solved by introducing composting toilets or reed beds and teach their benefits to the community.

    I find it very hard to believe that our leaders are unaware of these cost effective, eco-friendly, sustainable solutions, so why don't they implement them? Its all simply financial manipulation.

    We don't have to go back to the days of existing on a subsistence model. We can in fact enjoy technology too. There is more than in enough sunlight and wind power to electrify every household in this country, but imagine how much money ESKOM would LOSE if every household was no longer dependent on them for power? The lifespan of a solar installation is around 25 years. When everyone knows they can build their own home, have food security and live off the grid in comfort, then the financial hold the powers that be have, will be lost.

    By keeping us divided and in the dark at the same time they maintain control, when there IS enough for everyone.

    We can have our laptops and ecological washing machines, the technology we love AND be self sustaining.

    So the first lesson is to overcome learned helplessness,by taking control and becoming self sufficient.

    I look forward to the day that I see a RDP settlement(And suburban households and transforming townships too) with trees in their gardens and herbs growing on their northern walls and jars of preserved fruit on their window sills. Power is rarely given and always taken. We can take back the power by sharing it with those that don't know how and then some.