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  1. My wife and I have launched a resource centre for local residents in our suburb. We plan to hold a monthly exchange of goods, information and resources. This would be one way of recruiting members. Since then I have discovered at least one other local community doing much the same thing.

  2. Aloha EveryOne,

    Introducing myself....I am a 40+ year Pro Architectural Designer, Archaeologist, Builder, Developer, Inventor, Self-Development Teacher & Much More.

    I've Designed an Advanced....

    Eco, Econo, Futuristic, Healthy, Moneyless Sustainable MicroCity System for all Climates that we want to Build All Over the World.

    Within the Community - No Money.

    All Exports of Eco+Healthy Goods & Services are Money Sales for the Community.

    The First Phase is a Rural Community for 50 Adults that is Turn-Key, including several Eco & Healthy Businesses from the First Day of Occupancy.

    The COST For this Community here in Hawaii is about $ 175,000, INCLUDING 10-30 Acres of Land.

    The Time to Build it Ready for Occupancy is about 60 Days.

    We are Looking for Professionals who would like to work with us in their area of the US, or Anywhere in the World.

    Thanks for your Interest.

    Aloha, Dan - Advancedecocomms@yahoo.com

  3. Your Forum has been removed - No surprise there....A lot of effort will be put into stopping the planet from regaining control. If you would like a forum - contact me - no money involved of course.

  4. It seems that this system is already in place at


  5. I live in a small community in North Carolina , is there a movement here ?