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  2. Michael,
    You need to read this and join this forum please. I'm fighting this battle alone.
    In Light

  3. If the banks are going to have to pay out so much money, my only question is HOW ?
    They do not have that amount of money, so they are going to use the existing mechanism that you are trying to fight. i.e. creating money and securitising.
    Does not this defeat all your efforts ?

  4. Hey there Michael

    I have thanked you on other comment boxes, and would like to thank you again here for everything you are doing.

    Just a heads up and a question...

    What do you think of The One Peoples Public Trust?




    A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf

    All the best

  5. In response to this statement on your Blog:

    We are looking for key individuals around the world to run projects and link people and their skills...

    I would be VERY interested in observing the possibility of leading a project of your choice, my credentials are quite extensive in the area of community development and I would be willing to do it for free. I could e-mail you my Profile once I know where. torogarland@hotmail.com

  6. I got interested in your Ubuntu Liberation Movement. We do have common visions although we have possibly slightly different approaches.

    You might want to check out MoLab eU: www.molab.at

    We are responsible for Europe's biggest flood of 2013 to get governments and Banks to their knees. Have a great day - and save the planet. Last Chance to wake up and change as well as having Impact. Feel free to promote the truth - I do have honestly people to proof what is going on.

    This is HORUS Judgement Vision, Mission and Values.

    1. Oh yes and by the way there is the idea to get a sword and to stick it into the fraud too. Now that any EU Country surrounding Vorarlberg got flooded that would be a genious start for another UBUNTU Liberation Movement. So I am honestly motivated to spend 3h per day to contribute to a local movement to convince People for something else. I would like to learn in reality how such a movement takes place and see People work together and create a benefit and even overcome local businesses (your sales overproduction strategy).

      I heared from that strategy in an online YouTube Video and got amazed how you try to fight down Banks on their knees. Now they are jumping out of the window - and I celebrate with my own community (Alex Jones, some US People, more...) another victory in the USA and every step to end the fraud.

      Some are even prepared to go to war if necessary but we try to find all solutions to avoid that peacefully...

      Will you join the fight for a victory?

  7. Google is NOT my favorite for obvious, must I use them to have an account ??

  8. I want in I've thought all the things that have been revealed how do I get involved down with the masses adamhamilton35@gmail.com let me know

  9. Because ...only together we can change the world
    ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ke1M3Hu1DQ

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  11. Hi there...because you are looking for key individuals around the world to run projects and link people and their skills...i would like to get in contact with you...with regards, Udo