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  1. I will start with the conclusion : The current monetary system can only work if there are inequalities and injustices.
    Let us pretend that tonight all the leaders of the world appear on primetime TV hours to announce this :
    « Tomorrow, at noon, each and every citizen in the country will be given a new bank account in which a sum of 10 million dollars will be deposited. It will be yours to do whatwver you wish. And when you have spent all of it, just call our government to receive another identical sum. In other words, from now on, everyone has all the money he can wish for, forever. »
    Before raising the spectre of hyperinflation, just think about it for a while. Forget about the impact on the economy, on society or on politics or whatever. Just think about this : What would be my own personal reaction?
    For me, I would think about doing only what I like and stop working for a living. But for now, I would invite my wife and friends for a luxury dinner at a fine restaurant. « Hey we are rich, lets celebrate! » Only to find that the restaurant’s door is closed. Because the employees are also rich. And even the owner of the restaurant does not wish to work anymore. Why work to earn money when I already have all the money I need? I cannot have more than all.
    So lets go to the grocery store to buy some filet mignon and lobster. And we find the same closed door. Why would anybody do anything to earn money anymore?
    So we will soon be all hungry and unable to eat. The same will be true for any need I can have. We then will have to find a way to meet our needs. My neighbours and I will have to meet together and make offers. I know how to make soap and you can produce tomatoes. And the other neighbour already raises hens for the eggs and meat. Lets just contribute what we can for the benefit of all. And why should I ask money for my soaps? There is no point asking any money, since I already have all I want. I will only let anyone have access to my soaps if I can have access to some eggs and tomatoes.
    This is how we will quickly realize that we do not even need money anymore. Money is irrelevant when everyone has it.
    Now if we pretend on the contrary that money does not exist for anyone, we will come to the same conclusion. We dont need money.
    So my conclusion is that the monetary system that we currently have can only work if there are rich and poor, haves and havenots. So that there are those with the money and those who will do anything to get some of it. Injustices are necessary for the system of money to work. It is inherently impossible to be all financially happy. This makes me understand why money cannot be a sustainable way to live in society. M. Tellinger, your contributionism system must be the natural answer. Thank you for this contribution of yours. I wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks, I like this thought experiment. It demonstrates something true. So what do we do? This is the way it was before money...but it didn't work for some reason, or it wouldn't have changed.
      What is truly the root of the whole problem? Ego delusion; no human being is without the delusion of being separate from others. The banksters can't help it, and pointing fingers expecting that we can force them to change their evil ways is futile. They truly believe they are acting in the interest of the common good, and that people who default on their debts are the evil ones causing all the problems. As long as we keep blaming others and expecting them to change to fix our difficulty, we will be (and have been) eternally frustrated.
      Trying to solve this through the courts is not working, the ego can never be corrected, it will always rationalize it's position, making itself right through twisted logic. Deep down everyone is terrified that all our dirty deeds will be exposed and we will be discovered as imposters, because deep down we know we are deluded...if you think you don't have this ego problem, then you have a bigger problem, you don't know who you are.
      I have compassion for every ego and it's delusions (because I have them too). I have compassion for everyone who suffers because of this delusion. We suffer because we are right and they are wrong and it's not fair, it's UNJUST! Both sides feel this way. No one thinks " yeah, i'm going to make them suffer because i'm just evil ha ha ha"...more like "I'm going to make them suffer because they are making me suffer and they are evil"
      So we get stuck in a perpetual tug of war between egos, and the suffering continues.
      What if we just let go? walk away? I can feel the ire of offended egos rise up...but really, is all the stress and anguish really worth it? Too much to lose? What do you lose? Your pride? Your reputation?...your ego?
      Do you meditate? Do you know who you really are? You can't change anyone else.

    2. What a great article. I have shared it on my facebook page

    3. Great response Esther, this is the dilemma that we have to face. It can never be about punishment or taking revenge. We cannot allow our delusions to get in the way of the bigger picture. The next step has to be a reboot, a new beginning. As with any human endeavour, it is the egos that cause it's inevitable downfall, so by recognizing this and creating with this understanding, while at the same time integrating that ego into alignment with our Higher Selves, we will be able to create a society with harmony at it's core.

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  3. Michael Tellinger, thank you for all your hard works to give us these awareness. I believe with ‘THAT’, more and more people are knowing of our choices, and i choose what's right for me and best for our future. We deserve to know. Great work!

  4. I'm a British citizen, (although I totally dissagree with boundries and countries being seperate) and I currently live in Denmark.
    i think this whole Ubuntu movement is fantastic, we NEED it here, having, I believe, the worlds highest taxes, the highest prices on cars, highest TV licence fees and Its generally total garbage anyway...!!

    The cost of living is so damn high..We are blind to the facts and people are just like sheep. Following the rest of the flock, being taken for a massive ride by the government and 'politricks' they force upon us. This is not a valid democracy. I would hope one sweet day, people will wake up and choose this rightful approach to living. It will bring about a new, better, loving, peaceful world.

    Thank you Michael, you are such a great inspiration to humanity.

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  7. Michael you are the bomb and I'm riding with ya